“the result of extensive research, development and testing”

Medik8Mobile is a leader in the convenient, secure, and HIPAA-compliant delivery of medical marijuana, offering the real-time intelligence dispensaries need and the prompt receipt of products consumers expect to enjoy.

Our expertise within this industry, which is the result of extensive research, development and testing, enables us to offer a proprietary solution - for iOS and Android devices - that streamlines inventory management, tracking and oversight of deliveries, along with the protection and upload of confidential patient records to our secure cloud server.

We are fluent in the regulatory requirements governing this issue because, unlike other forms or service companies seeking to exploit this matter, we have the experience, wisdom and trust of the clients we represent.

That commitment extends to everything we do, confirming the quality we emphasize, the assistance we accent and the personalized attention we will always provide.

Meet the team behind the scenes:

Founder // Chief Executive Officer

With close to twenty years of experience involving the creation of software delivery solutions for companies in a variety of fields, including health care, transportation, utilities and IT services, Anton Ansalmar is an expert in automating the rapidly developing cannabis industry.

His emphasis on enabling dispensaries to track, manage and ensure the timely delivery of products, while also streamlining operations and upholding the spirit and letter of all HIPAA guidelines, is a major advancement for the good of business owners and patients alike.

Anton translates that interest into proprietary solutions for iOS and Android devices, which make it easy to oversee this process from start to finish. His commitment to this mission is absolute, as he wants to give dispensaries the real-time intelligence they need and customers the convenience they deserve to receive.

Co-Founder // Chief Operations Officer

An innovator at the forefront of mobile technology and graphic design, a professional fluent in business strategy, brand promotion and product development. His work, which has global appeal and substantial name recognition on behalf of companies like Hasbro and other manufacturers of consumer goods, is a testament to Jerry's iconic artistry and exacting standards of excellence.

He applies that same discipline to MediK8Mobile, revolutionizing a new industry with his customary sense of style and exceptional customer service.

Chief Marketing Officer

An advocate of medical cannabis, and an iconic figure among entrepreneurs and executives with an interest in this subject, Amy Berliner is the ultimate diplomat concerning this industry: Intelligent and wise, and eloquent and persuasive, she conveys the importance of this matter with a combination of passion and the utmost professionalism.

As Chief Marketing Officer for MediK8Mobile, Amy applies more than two decades of experience to the benefit of this company and its customers. Her expertise, which includes senior-level positions in operations, marketing and manufacturing, and product development, gives her the insight necessary to succeed.

From her studies at the University of Maryland and Louisiana State University to her enrollment in the Medical Cannabis Institute for Continuing Education, Amy is fluent in the science and technology involving this discipline.

A member of the Society of Cannabis, in addition to her recognition for Outstanding Achievement by the National Association of Professional Women, Amy is a leader – and a public speaker – with the ability to know, and the strength to do, what is necessary for MediK8Mobile to continue to be at the forefront of innovation and communications regarding medical cannabis.