Delivery Software

The most powerful direct-to-whomever
delivery software on the market.

Manage your business

With Operations Tracking

Take your delivery operations to the next level with Metrc integration. Vendor intake to consumer sale has never been easier than before. Manage your vendors, manifests, packages, and products from Metrc in real-time with just one click.

Custom Branded

Online Ordering Menu

Anytime product is updated in the backend, your shopfront is automatically updated. Never having to update your menu’s twice.
We can customize your current branding to be reflected to your online ordering menu. Your colors, look and feel, and even logo design!

Track and Trace

+ Driver Inventory Management

Manage your delivery fleet and automatically dispatch orders from your online shop. Track your drivers GPS in real time and their current mobile inventory, and optimize delivery routes to maximize their delivery efficiency.
Drivers can track their inventory, show proof of certification of work to any federal agent, route their deliveries, and manage all their deliveries in without the fuss of all the papers.

Complaint Barcodes

Printed on the fly!

Custom create your own barcode stickers and *print them using a certified wireless printer so you don’t have to wait for design, shipping and process times from other businesses.
*Requires extra external devices to print


Consumers or Distributors

Cultivator to Manufacture?
Manufacture to Distributor?
Distributor to dispensary?
Dispensary to consumer?
Sell to them all directly from your website.
Easily order their products on your website for delivery without ever having to make a call or ask for marketing materials to see what is in stock. No more looking at Google Spreadsheets to purchase your goods.

Fully Integrated

With State Compliance

Our delivery software is built with compliance tested on the field.
We can help you maintain digital records of all your transactions and automatically sync with government compliance systems.
Trust us, we want to make your life that much easier.


Payment Processing

Compliant under federal banking regulations and offers the convenience and security of mainstream payments without the frustrations, unreliability, and awkwardness of niche payment schemes.
Pay straight from your bank account – no prepaid account, cryptocurrency, or weird “cash-back” transactions.
No signup fees, transaction fees, or monthly fees, and signing up for Hypur only takes a couple minutes, just like Venmo.
Not a workaround payment scheme that works sporadically or relies on shady middleman or offshore processors.

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